Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM)

Increase your volume by 50% by Providing your clients with possibility to
Manage other clients money as well as to Invest!

Your Own PAMM/MAM Service

PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module ) is the solution that allows money managers to manage clients funds in simple and transparent way. By offering this solution to clients, the broker would be able to boost a flow of new clients in natural way. The solution contains PAMM Trader, PAMM Investor and PAMM Agent functionality.

PAMM Trader

Any MT4 trader can become a PAMM Trader. After simple sign up, all trades (EA and Manual) will be shown in Monitoring page allowing all clients to search the list of Traders based on different criteria. Clients can even drill it down to the detailed performance of each PAMM Trader. After registering the Trader can access Traders Portal to set up different strategies, see the list of investors and agents. Also, in the Portal, the trader can accept new investments.



PAMM Investor

When search is finished and client made the decision to invest into particular trader, the client needs to fill out a simple form and become a PAMM Investor. The registered Investor is equipped with the Portal where he/she is able to see more details of trader’s performance, invest and withdraw money, watch the performance in real-time. The list of all current and past investments is also available in Portal. The investment is processed as a transfer between investor MT4 account and trader MT4 account. The investment starts working right after it hits Trader’s account and Trader open a new trade. The investment and profit withdrawal can be done at any given time via request in Portal.

PAMM Agent

The Agent introduces Investors to Traders and gets paid as a part of the profit on all introduced clients. First, the Trader sets up a payout to all agents based on the individual strategy. Once payouts are set, the system creates personal links for agents, so when a client invests into Trader, the system can identify the agent so later the system can initiate the payment.



Client PAMM Backoffice (Skeleton)

Note that this is a skeleton of PAMM Backoffice, for general information only. You can apply any design and to change any color/line, as well as, to add any function by yourself.

Strategy Monitoring

PAMM Monitoring


PAMM – Invest funds


PAMM Project Conditions



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