Multi MT4 Servers Trade Copier plugin

Multi MT4 Servers Account Copier

Multi-MT4-Servers Trade Copier allows MT4 broker or MT4 white label copy orders from accounts on one MT4 server (master MT4 server) to accounts on another MT4 servers (slave MT4 servers) via Manager API. It is not required any DLL installation on MT4 servers.


You can copy orders between accounts located on the same MT4 server or located on different MT4 servers.  You can adjust scaling. For example, if scaling between account 1 on MT4 server 1 and account 1 on MT4 server 2 is 1:0.5 all orders on account 1 on MT4 server 2 will be 2 times smaller. Etc.

Copier based on FXMars MT4 Bridge and has useful interface.

multi-mt4-servers-copier interface

This software can be used as core for multi-brokerage social network like zulutrade or myfxbook.

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