MT4 Bridge

MT4 Bridge

MT4 Bridge

The Liquidity MT4 Bridge allows you to clear risk from trading accounts that you cannot hold in-house. Exciting features, easy installation.

  • Easy to install. You need only manager access to your MT4 Groups.
  • No MT4 server restart when changing A-B books.
  • View Positions, Orders, Exposure.
  • You can keep your existing MT4 groups.
  • Clear to any MT4 account of your choice.
  • Highlight trading accounts to watch.

How MT4 Bridge Works

If you have a client on B-Book and you identified that this account needs to be cleared (copied 100%). Simply “Switch Groups” to A-Book and Submit. Next position will go to your clearing account. Additionally you can choose the option to “Clear OP to Clearing Liquidity  account Now” and all existing positions of this client will be sent to clearing account. This option is good when a client has negative floating P/L and you think that market can make come back. Just lock that profit in.

If you have an A-Book client that you think you can handle the risk in-house. Choose “Switch Groups” to B-book and next position will be kept in-house. Additionally, if you want all his existing position to be switch to in-house mode choose “Close OP for this account on Clearing NOW” and all positions that are open on clearing account for this account will be closed at market price. This option is good when you think that your client proved to have loosing strategy and you want to keep all those loses.

MT4 Bridge Overview

Below are some features that are available for managers to help them to manage the risk:

List of Accounts


List of Orders






Already implemented almost all known FIX API connectors (Brokers and Liquidity Providers).

MT4 Bridge F.A.Q.

Q. How bridge can help my brokerage to get more profit?
A. By switching between A and B books without server restart and using other proprietary functionality a Broke can reach new level of the profit without affecting client’s execution.

Q. Many bridges are offering connect to Liquidity Provider via FIX, but our Liquidity Provider is on MT4, can we still use your bridge?
A. Yes, our bridge can be connected via FIX or simple MT4 Account.

Q. Our Brokerage has only MT4 Server, do we need anything else to use this bridge?
A. No, our bridge is done in the way of the plugin to your MT4 Server.

Q. Do you charge fee per trade?
A. No, we charge one time fee.

Q. What information I will get in the bridge?
A. Our bridge has multiple Tabs with different information to make life of Risk Manager much easier.

Q. Can I connect multiple Liquidity Providers.
A. Yes, you can connect multiple liquidity Providers either MT4 or FIX.

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