Realization of trading technologies full synchronization with your CRM system and website

Realization of trading technologies full synchronization with your CRM system and website

To date, the world of business process automation has developed beyond recognition, but it does not even think to stop it. In the arsenal of each company, special widgets, plug-ins, capture forms and “pop-ups” are already implemented, which allow the customers to interact with them. However, this is not enough and you need to have a tool that will display this interaction and provide you with results. If we talk about the brokerage business, it should also be automatic, which will allow you to track not only the client’s actions, but also his trading results. It is for this purpose that we are ready to provide you with complex web solutions for full automation of your brokerage activities.

Our comprehensive solutions include a complete web package for brokerage companies and the ability to implement forex broker website integration. If you seriously think about creating a reliable and quality brokerage company, then we are ready to help you in this task and customize the full functionality based on your needs. For this, we are ready to implement the following functional:

  1. Full synchronization of your data on the MT4 server and the company’s website. If the client creates a new real trading account or a new demo account, you will be able to see it in time. The client may even not go to your resource and do not register. If he finds your server and opens a demo account on it, this indicates his interest. You will receive an alert on the appearance of a potential client, with whom you can start communicating. Thus, information about the opening of a new account will fall into your CRM system using the integration mt4 with crm. We customize CMS of your website in such a way that it can process this information;
  2. Undoubtedly, for opening a trading account there must be a personal account of the trader, whose development we are also working on. Your client receives a personal environment in which he can check and analyze the current status of the trading account, balance, drawdown, cash flow, withdrawals, and so on. The trader’s personal account or client portal carries all the necessary information and capabilities. So, the client can open new additional trading accounts or make transactions between already opened trading accounts. The most important thing in this point is the fact that we are ready to develop and connect payment systems for you, which sometimes requires considerable money. Thus, we integrate in your future personal account ways of money replenishment and withdrawing using bank cards, PayPal system, as well as other payment systems;
  3. Full integration of your CRM system with the website, as well as the MT4 server. Automation of the forex broker crm and website today is the most important element of a perfect business. All applications and actions of the client with the website should be displayed in your CRM, and we will help you in this. You will be able to see new applications and new leads that are of interest to your company. Rapid response to the emergence of new interested leads will increase the percentage of retained customers and expand the base. Integration with CRM will automate the sale process, because your sales managers will be able to constantly monitor their customers and accompany them. If your customers connect any service, CRM will display it and will enable your sales manager to make a call and fill up the customer for the required product or service. We also implement a full-fledged customer service, which will increase the loyalty of your customers, and you will be able to respond more specifically to their requests.
  4. For more complete interaction, we also implemented special widgets that will allow your customers to integrate their trading process. We also develop a special chat for your traders in which they can conduct effective communication and share their views and forecasts regarding the future movement of the financial asset. Widgets and chat are auxiliary tools that are aimed at a more interactive approach. This will allocate your company among the other competitors, which are quite a lot in this industry;
  5. We can also develop and integrate your other software developments, which will expand your product line in the first stages of business creation. This list includes the implementation of the PAMM service, social trading platform, as well as the partner program. All these services will allow you to attract new customers after the start of your business. Each of them is fully integrated into the website and CRM, which makes it possible to also track the results of your customers. For example, PAMM service will become a reliable source of attracting professional market players, as well as potential investors. Integration with internal services of this platform will automate this process. IB program in turn will realize the goals of attracting new customers, and the social networking will keep them. Such a synergy of all processes is a sign of a reliable brokerage company, which sets a goal to build a transparent business, and not to make money for losing its customers.

Briefly summarizing, our web solutions can be used by both starting brokerage companies and already existing ones, to automate their business. This is an integral part of the modern digital world. The value of the website functioning plays an important role in the functioning of the entire site, and for the broker the high-quality work of the trading layers is important. That is why, these two separate sites must display identical information and work in synergy. We implement this on your integrated brokerage website. Considering the fact that today trading can be conducted with the help of a computer with access to the Internet, this functionality, which we mentioned above, should be implemented in every company. And we will help you to do it.


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