Innovative way of partner’s technology realization for the brokerage companies

Innovative way of partner’s technology realization for the brokerage companies

In recent years, the brokerage business is gaining popularity and reviving after a long lull. If in the 70-80s of the last century, the trade in the financial market caused an increased interest in everyone, after several collapses and losses of investment capital, the interest fell, and the excitement died down. But today, there are more and more companies, which indicates the growing demand for trading on the foreign exchange market. Undoubtedly, most companies are created with the only goal to attract capital for internal trade without overlapping in the market. But whatever the company is, the common goal they all have is to attract more and more new customers.

To realize this goal, many brokerage companies launch various marketing companies with a large budget to promote their business on the Internet, create huge sales departments, as before. Of course, these two options will allow them to attract new customers and expand their client base, however, not all of them think about one more option of brokerage business promotion – the affiliate program.

The implementation of an effective partner network allows the broker to form a passive source of attracting new customers, for which the company will pay only in fact. The affiliate network is inherently a combination of marketing and sales, because it affects directly the target audience and is a tool for sales. That’s why, we implemented a modern technological solution that will allow the broker to launch a partner’s program called multilevel IB platform.

This software solution is a technical development of implementing an affiliate program in your business. We are ready to provide you with a PHP administrator to integrate your CRM system with the affiliate program. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for supporting our software solution. We create and run this software for you and then you are its direct owner.

A key feature of our partner’s platform is that your partner will be able to trade using the multi-trading platform, which we combine with the mt4 ib platform. Thus, your partners can trade on several trading accounts. This functionality is implemented for those partner traders who attract customers directly under their direct management.

Also, in the partner’s arsenal, it is possible to analyze their attracted partners and the entire network in the context of new IB and WL. Here, the functional of calculating the commissions received from the trade of attracted customers, as well as the fee for the fact of attraction, was realized. With built-in reporting, the partner can also analyze the future cash flow that he can get from the current clients he has attracted.

Speaking about the partner program or ib platform as a whole, it is necessary to highlight key features that allow you to improve the results of the brokerage company:

  1. Increase the trading activity: this point follows from the fact that with the help of Introducing Broker platform, the client base will increase. The presence of trading activity will allow the broker to overlap the trading positions, which in turn reduces the brokerage risks (increased volumes, use of algorithmic robots, trade with exotic financial assets).
  2. Increase the brokerage commissions: in turn, this base will perform more trading operations, which increases the direct profitability of the broker, because the brokerage company receives a commission for each client. Thus, the broker acts as an intermediary between his client and the market. If the commission is high, it will allow the broker to expand the company and introduce new tools for attracting new customers, and most importantly, to earn not on the client’s trading transactions, but on the commissions.
  3. Popularization of the broker among the target audience: in order to attract new customers, your partners will post information about the company on thematic resources. Thus, there will be an impact directly on the target customer. If the partner places an advertising banner on his or her resource or gives a link to your company, this allows you to attract a directly interested (hot) customer. In the future, the broker will develop it, but your IB partner will attract this client.
  4. Increased profitability of promotional products: targeted impact on interested customers reduces the budgets for the advertising campaign. In this case, you do not need to pay for clicks or supervision, but only on the fact of replenishment of this account by the client and fulfillment of the trade turnover. In fact, the payment for the new client just increases the profitability of this type of promotion.
  5. Interaction with the key market players and opinion leaders: the brokers’ partners are often eminent traders and even targeted companies that provide information and consulting services on the financial market. For example, companies that train in the financial market can offer your company and trading conditions in order to test the knowledge of the trainees directly in practice. This interaction allows you to popularize in a narrow professional circle and work for your brand. Moreover, if a large player has a blog or leads a column on a thematic financial portal, he will often mention your brokerage company. You can present individual partner terms to such customers using our mt4 ib platform.

Thus, launching an affiliate program allows the broker not only to attract new customers, but also to promote the brand in the market. With our ready-made software solution, you have a simple opportunity to launch a popular business scaling tool. Over time, developed partner networks can completely replace the need for direct and aggressive sales, which will allow your business to improve client managed and develop the loyalty of new customers. Also, this approach significantly saves your advertising budget, and the affiliate network is able to function automatically.

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