Scale your brokerage business with our partner technology

Scale your brokerage business with our partner technology

The development of the information flow forces each business to rebuild itself under the current trends in order to solve key problems, one of which is the search for new customers. To increase the client base, many businesses and brokers launch marketing campaigns and spend huge budgets for advertising. Some brokers continue to work “in an old-fashioned way” and simply buy out customer bases for subsequent phone calls, which are performed by the sales department. However, in today’s realities, the most cost-effective way is expansion of the partner network.

Unfortunately, not every broker today has such a software solution, which would fully cover this issue. However, we have developed a full-fledged partner network, which you can integrate into your brokerage business – multilevel ib.

The affiliate network or the Introducing Broker platform is a ready solution from the brokerage company for the current clients who wish to not only earn from the market, but also receive additional payments from the broker for attracting new potential customers. The essence is simple: multilevel ib platform performs the role of both the sales department and the marketing department at the same time. Your ib partner himself will look for clients and “sell” them the idea of ​​earning money in the financial market directly with the help of your company. A potential customer can be convinced at first glance by an uninterested person, rather than a broker’s sales manager. Yet the advertising from the ib partner will be directed to the target customer.

Thus, for each client, the partner can receive an additional payment, which can consist of a fixed amount or of % of the broker’s net profit. With the second option, the broker will pay his partner from the commission that the attracted customer pays. This alignment causes the partner to need or to attract more customers, or to attract large amounts, which is to the benefit of your brokerage business.

In summary, you can download what the ib mt4 platform allows:

  1. To increase the number of new customers;
  2. To increase commission payments due to the growth of the client base;
  3. To promote the broker in the circles of the trader/partner, which increases the effectiveness of advertising and influences on the target audience;
  4. To forms the image of the broker by promoting the brokerage platform on independent thematic sources;
  5. The possibility of using various partner banners on the resource will allow to reach more people interested in trading in the financial market.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of the bilateral work of this program depends on the partner. That’s why, this option is not suitable for every client of the brokerage business. We will identify the following types of traders who can effectively promote your company with the ib platform:

  1. Professional market players. As a rule, this category includes those traders who are engaged in this for more than a year and are professionals in this matter. This category includes all types of customers that will be listed below, but the peculiarity is that you can find this professional even among your competitors and discuss partner terms directly with him. This will work as a kind of advertising, but implemented through a partner network.
  2. The authors of personal trading blogs. This group of clients does not always have a positive trading result as the first type of customers, but it takes much longer to spend on thematic resources, discussing the market trends. Such clients already accumulate a certain community of followers around themselves, so concluding partnership agreements with them using the ib mt4 platform will increase the recognition of the broker. The author of the blog will be able to either “hang” your banner on his website, or directly influence his audience by publishing a material with a call for action of opening and replenishing a trading account in your brokerage company. Due to the fact that this group of clients does not always receive the necessary profit from the market, they often agree to the terms of the IB program and even independently search for companies with the Introducing Broker platform.
  3. Traders who conduct positive dynamics of trade. Your dealing always has the opportunity to view the results of those customers who trade with a positive result. Those who saw the result from trading in the financial market, will believe in this direction and as a result they are your potential partners, and you can offer the ib platform to such
  4. Companies or traders who promote their training courses. Today, there are many such companies and in addition to the sale of training courses, special partnership programs are also key earnings for them. If you have something to offer to such companies, they will recommend you to implement the received knowledge from the course on your trading platform. Likewise, this applies to private traders who train their trading strategy.
  5. In fact, they will not be your potential customers, but affiliates are a kind of advertisers who earn from the traffic. They themselves will advertise on your resource through personal channels. It’s clear that in this case there may not be target customers, but the funnel of incoming leads is significantly expanding, and the budget for advertising is reduced at times, because the affiliate will receive only for the replenished client.

Thus, to sum up, we want to note that the implementation of the partner program should be for every broker starting from the new company and ending with a stable business. If you choose our software development Introducing Broker platform, we guarantee support for integration into your personal cabinet, synchronization of payment for this program, based on your parameters. The payment is represented by a one-time payment for our complex services.

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