How to establish good communication with your client and create an effective community within a brokerage company

How to establish good communication with your client and create an effective community within a brokerage company

Networking is the basis for a successful understanding of the market sentiment, because if you know how the market behaves in this or that situation, you can improve the accuracy of your forecasts. This is really a modern mechanism for successful interaction directly with the traders. Thanks to the Internet and the social networks, the modern world has become quite communicative. Today, anyone who has a blog or page on a social network can express their opinion openly about any situation. The situation is the same with trading in the financial market. Each participant wants to share his forecast and trading recommendations, which, as he assures, will bring a huge profit. To do this, special thematic resources are implemented in the form of blogs or forums that are a part of the social trading world of traders.

The most popular types of social platforms for traders:

  1. Blogs where you can find the opinion and forecasts of a particular analyst/trader (or sites where many trading blogs are hosted, as well as personal platforms that have more experienced and professional market participants);
  2. Forums, which are the very first means of communication between the traders and a certain database of different theoretical mechanisms and varieties of trade;
  3. Sites for publishing trading recommendations. Here, you can see ready-made investment decisions, as well as statistics on the signals that have already come true, which will allow us to evaluate the trader’s work.

However, this is not always a positive effect for a brokerage company, because if you do not keep all the customers in one place, they can simply go to the competitors. And if a trader shares trade recommendations, he can populate his broker. Thus, your company faces a number of certain complexities, among which one can single out the decline in the trading activity and the loss of a client base.

To avoid this, we have created an innovative software that helps the broker to accumulate customers in one place and to communicate directly with your customers – MT4 Social Trading plugin. This plug-in by its function is complete implementation of the copy trading platform and social network exclusively for traders of your company, since for authorization in the program, you need to enter through the MT4 account. This allows the broker to form an effective community of like-minded people directly in the most popular place of the trader – the trading terminal.

MT4 Social Trading plugin also allows your customers to track the trading results, and not just make predictions. Your customers will always be able to look at the quality of these forecasts and how effectively they are played out in the financial market, which will ensure their quality. So, a potential investor can add traders to the “favorites” in order to track their results and eventually, it is possible to choose the most optimal option for the risk/yield ratio.

In addition to retaining the customers within your brokerage company, MT4 Social Trading plugin also performs the following important role:

  1. It allows you to increase the trading activity of the traders. Due to the appearance of the opportunity to share the results, the broker’s clients who are just starting to get acquainted with the market will be able to make transactions based on recommendations. Having convinced yourself of the market and understanding its structure (which allows you to make MT4 Social Trading plugin), your customers will perform more trading operations, including speculative and positional transactions. Most importantly, your brokerage company will be able to receive additional net profit, due to the fact that the customers will trade more often, and this will cause additional commissions both for opening positions and for transferring the transaction in the next day. The broker will receive its direct profit, which will keep the business “afloat” and increase the loyalty of the customers.
  2. It enables your customers to duplicate trades of profitable traders. The key function is that your customers can not only track the results of the profitable traders, but also for a certain fee to subscribe to their trading signals. Thus, in the social platform, all the customers can be divided into two groups: signal providers and subscribers. A provider is a trader who has positive statistics of his trading system and is ready to supply signals to the potential investors in return for a monthly subscription. The signer of trading signals is a potential investor who is aimed at a passive source of profitability, not wanting to spend a lot of time on an independent search for investment opportunities in the financial market. Thus, MT4 Social Trading plugin allows your customers to receive additional profit and at the same time additional income. The broker in this case acts as a traditional intermediary. Moreover, subscribers can customize the parameters of trading transaction duplication. Thus, the subscriber himself can choose in what proportion and under what risks the duplication of trading operations can go.
  3. It visualizes the trading results. For the convenience of choosing the trading recommendations and analyzing potential managers, we have provided an opportunity to graphically provide your trading data. You can view the graph of profitability, drawdowns, the number of subscribers, as well as the actual history of trading operations, which is provided in a graphical form.
  4. Fully synchronizes with MT4. In view of the fact that the plug-in is a directly built-in program in the metatrader social trading terminal, this allows you and your traders not to go beyond the trading platform. Full synchronization with the terminal allows you to configure the trader’s work under the most convenient format.

The implementation of this software on the side of the broker will be a key feature of your company. The modern world is developing very fast. Only for the last 5 years, the number of themed sites for trading (except for the brokerage companies), has grown by 7.5 times. Most people are ready to share their opinions about the financial markets, demonstrate trading results and share their success in trading. This is a useful exchange of experience, allowing each participant to expand new opportunities for the financial market. But we need to get such an opportunity.



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