Auxiliary plug-in for your trading terminal – Social Trading

Auxiliary plug-in for your trading terminal – Social Trading

The modern world is completely tied to the communication and the exchange of information – not only digital, but also the written or verbal. Everyone wants to share their opinions or to hear someone about an important issue. Trading is no exception, and today the professional traders can gather followers and form an effective network that will not only solve investment problems. We believe that the broker should also be in this trend and be the primary platform that allows not only to conduct trade, but also discuss and demonstrate it not on external resources, but directly on the side of the broker. To solve this problem, we created special software for your brokerage business – MT4 Social Trading plugin.

MT4 Social Trading plugin is a modern development that allows a broker to collect all of its customers in one place for maximum collaboration and is a real social network platform. This approach will allow the broker to act as an interested intermediary in the client’s trading activities. Thus, the broker will contribute to choosing the most optimal operating mode, which will suit the trader and will have the maximum beneficial effect in the form of positive trading results. This plug-in integrates perfectly into the trading MT4 platform, which allows your customers to track the results of your other traders, subscribe to their trading signals and accumulate a passive source of income using the copy trading platform. You, as a broker, will be able to earn an additional percentage of commissions due to the fact that the “life” of the client will be prolonged through profitable trading from a professional.

Why MT4 Social Trading plugin?

Some brokers still support forums in which the clients can conduct dialogues regarding the market and the new brokerage conditions. But as the practice shows, unfortunately, such resources are gradually forgotten, and they die. Different platforms come out forward that have a greater social effect and, first of all, are able to display the results of trade. That is why today, the social trading is so popular. The forum allows only the newcomers to the market to learn something new, but to support the professional there should be the possibility to demonstrate results so that he can search for additional capital, and the investor, in turn, could subscribe to the duplication of transactions based on these results. To connect to this plugin, it is enough to have an account in MT4.

Moreover, the broker should be interested in the fact that all his clients are “kept” in a single resource. If your customers will visit other forums, blogs or other topics, they can eventually go to a competitor. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct social activity within the company and keep all the customers in one place. With the help of MT4 Social Trading plugin, this is real, because the program will connect to MT4, which is the main working area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach trader. Thus, your customers do not even need to log into the browser and register on various third-party resources.

Features of the MT4 Social Trading plugin:

  1. Duplicate transactions. In addition to the fact that this plug-in allows you to communicate effectively with different clients, mt4 social will even allow you to subscribe to the trading recommendations of some of them. Thus, the provider of trading signals will be able to receive additional revenue for what he does in fact on a daily basis, and the subscriber for trading signals, for a small fee, will be able to increase his trading results in the form of additional net profit from the trading. Also, the subscriber to the trading signals has the ability to specify all the necessary parameters under which the trading transactions will be executed. For example, you can choose the size of risks and the size of position duplication based on the deposit amount.
  2. Allows you to visualize the results. Whether you are a provider of trading signals or a subscriber, there are a number of opportunities in your arsenal to analyze your results. You can view the drawdown that occurred at the time of your trading, and it does not matter whether it occurred at the time of the independent trading or after a subscription. This allows you to view the maximum decline in the deposit in order to more accurately calculate the risks after subscribing to the manager. Also, the ability to view all the trading transactions and assess how correctly and accurately the provider trades are added in this category. If all the profitability is formed with the help of minimal profit, and at the same time losses are not fixed, this will indicate the inefficiency of the trading strategy. In addition, you can see a list of tools used to trade and determine the most popular currency pairs or cfd contracts.
  3. Fast payment. We implemented a convenient method of payment for the provision of trading signals. Thus, in order to subscribe to the trading signals, it is sufficient for your customer to make a standard transaction (payment) via PayPal, which is the most common payment format on the Internet. The broker even acts as an intermediary here, who exclusively connects the signal provider to the potential subscriber and is not interested in an additional fee or commission, but exclusively in trading activity and increase of the client’s capital.
  4. Synchronization with MT4. The plugin is fully synchronized with the metatrader. This allows you to enter this software directly from the trader’s work area and in case of duplication of the trading signals, this will allow you to immediately view the financial result on the trading account.

This software solution allows the broker to increase its social component among the client base. Broker social will stand out among all other companies, because it increases the loyalty among the customers and makes it clear that the broker is not interested in the losses of his customers and that he is ready to apply a modern approach so that the trader can receive his profit. Moreover, MT4 Social Trading plugin is an excellent tool for selling that attracts new customers to your business.


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