Overview of the fix api splitter’s key useful functions for brokers

Overview of the fix api splitter’s key useful functions for brokers

The brokerage sphere is very dynamic and can change dramatically every year. The thing is that the development of technical progress does not stand still and the broker should keep up with it, because there are new solutions for both brokerage companies and directly for the traders. Therefore, in order to maintain the client base, and to increase it, the broker must provide the newest conditions.

Automating the trading process, as well as using a computer for this is no longer something new. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify as much as possible the process of trading, and to realize this, it is necessary to provide favorable trading conditions. Every participant of the financial market knows that the best conditions are in the market and if you, as a broker, can give the trader access to trade through a prime broker, you will be able not only to attract new customers, but also to reduce brokerage risks by several times. We bring fix api splitter to your attention, which we created specifically to achieve these goals – http://4fxbrokers.com/fix-api-splitter/.

The innovative product fix api splitter will allow you to connect your customers’ trading accounts to the financial protocol Fix and implement operations on the side of the clearing center, which makes it the best technical and software solution for brokerage companies. If you have not used previously this feature, then our software will expand your product line for traders without increasing the cost. Connecting an account to the clearing is not a cheap thing, and few brokers do it. But with fix api splitter, you do not need to do this. The program is implemented so that you create an account directly in the fix api splitter, and when the trader will perform a trading operation, then it will be delivered “on behalf” of the splitter. Thus, several thousand clients can be connected to the program, and there will be a fee only for one account.

To connect a client to this system, it is enough to create him an account with a login, a password and a unique ID. After that, a trading account is connected to the splitter’s account, and all the subsequent operations will be carried out in the market through it. An important element is that the trader must initially trade on the MT4 server and also execute orders based on the b-book methodology, which can be selected using our FX MARS BRIDGE software. Thus, you can set the necessary commissions, which will allow you even to earn money by providing access to the real market conditions.

What will the broker receive?

Using the fix api splitter allows the brokerage company to maintain the loyalty of the active base and to scale the business by controlling the brokerage risks. Splitter is the most high-quality product of fix api technology at the most affordable price. The broker will be able to use this tool to create a reliable airbag for risky trading operations. Due to the fact that all the trading accounts are connected to a single account, you do not incur additional costs, and even you can earn on brokerage commissions.

 What will a trader get?

For the trader, the ability to trade through the financial protocol will significantly improve the trading performance. Due to the real market conditions, minimum spreads and instant execution of orders, you can slightly improve the profitability indicators. If we look at them in the long run, then a few points of profit at the expense of qualitative trading conditions can grow into an excellent percentage of additional yield for the year. Moreover, the trader can be calm and confident that his profit earned on the market will be paid to him in full. Thus, both sides benefit from using the fix api splitter.

What brokerage risks are controlled by the fix api splitter

The main goal and idea of our software is to ensure that each broker can optimize and reduce his risks through the removal of obligations for income payments. If the customer earns stable income, it is best to break his operations to the market instead of your budget. Statistics, according to which 90% of traders suffer losses, are obvious. The remaining 10% should be diversified by overlapping the market.

For this reason, it is necessary to work through each client point-by-point and offer to use fix api splitter to the following client groups:

  1. Traders with an increased volume: it is often difficult for the ordinary broker to overlap the large amounts of internal transactions and have to use personal funds for this. However, these are direct risks, because if a large amount is fixed, this will cause the need to paying off from the company’s budget;
  2. Traders who use the algorithmic approach: those who have in their arsenal a highly profitable robot can regularly cause gaps in the overlapping and load the server. The fix financial protocol fixes this problem. Moreover, it is more profitable for the client to trade using this protocol;
  3. A group of traders who trade on exotic assets: if a trader is the only client who trades with unpopular tools and at the same time earns a stable income, this will ensure only constant costs, and you will independently overlap these positions. If you provide an opportunity to trade through a prime broker, this will reduce your risks.

To summarize it, you can draw a simple conclusion that fix api splitter will allow you to make more money when you use it. Increasing the loyalty, reducing the risks, as well as the innovative approach will allow you to build a stable, and most importantly, a profitable brokerage business. One should not forget the fact that in the modern world, the technological solutions allow expanding the client base. If we are talking about a brokerage business, the technologies play a very important role, and every broker should have the latest software in his arsenal in order to be popular among the market participants.

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