Unique quality at a very affordable price: fix api splitter

Unique quality at a very affordable price: fix api splitter

The modern world is ruled by technology. If earlier, the proverb “who owns information, he owns the world” was relevant, today this role was given to the technologies. What innovative products like Tesla, Amazon, Google or Apple cost? Their developments are discussed by the whole world, and the products target specifically the consumer.

Brokerage business in something similar. To succeed in this business, it is necessary to have in your arsenal software that would facilitate the process of trading, and would improve profit indicators and reduce costs for the company. We tried to implement such software. We present to your attention the fix api splitter http://4fxbrokers.com/fix-api-splitter/.

Fix api splitter is a high-tech software solution for brokerage companies, the essence of which is the ability to deliver client-side trading operations directly to the market. This software will enable your business to implement risky trading operations in the market environment, which minimizes the chances of losses for your company. With the help of this software, you are not responsible for the result of the operation, and the commission for opening a deal is directly paid by the trader.

If we talk about brokerage risks and the one to whom we recommend to use the fix api splitter, it is worth distinguishing several groups of customers:

  1. Algorithmic traders. This segment is used by traders in their trade directly high-frequency algorithms, which in the moment allows them to fix the maximum profitability with the slightest movement. These algorithms not only load your server, but also demonstrate a steady profit, which causes brokerage risks. If you are just starting your brokerage business, fix api splitter will minimize possible risks. So all operations will instantly be delivered to the prime broker and executed according to the market conditions, which is much more profitable for such robots as arbitrage or HFT. Therefore, both you and your algorithmic client benefit from these conditions.
  2. Traders with an increased transaction volume. Those stock speculators who invest the maximum amount of their funds in the transaction are desperate players. However, there are also increased risks for you, because the increased volume is difficult to cover, and the greater the risk on the operation, the greater the profit potential. You cannot afford to risk, and it is best to block such customers on the market terms. Moreover, the increased volume makes a skew in your balance sheet and you will have nothing to cover the subsequent operations. As we see, the increased volumes have accumulative a negative effect. Only in case you have several years of experience on the market and your client base has several tens of thousands customers, you will not be afraid of large volumes.
  3. Especially productive traders. You can offer more favorable market conditions to the group of customers who show a positive result from month to month. This will increase the customer loyalty, and you will receive a constant source of commission income.
  4. Traders who trade with “exotic” assets. As well as increased volumes, such operations are very difficult to close. For example, if a trader trades on gbpsgd and his operations are the only ones in the company, you will act as a counterpart of all his positions as a broker. If the trader has a stable system, you will have to bear constant risks and it is best to block his operations in the market with the help of fix api splitter. Thus, when a trader opens a deal on an exotic instrument, it will be executed at the prime broker where you will not bear the increased risk and receive a commission.

What is the peculiarity of the fix api splitter?

In addition to the quality that fix api splitter allows you to perform transactions on the market, you do not have to pay your prime broker for each account connected to the financial protocol. The principle of operation is quite simple: it is the fix api splitter that connects to the clearing center and the fee is collected only for this account. The remaining client accounts are connected directly to the fix api splitter, where it acts as a kind of connector between the trader and the market. The broker can establish an additional commission on each account and thus earn additional funds. The trader receives the most favorable and comfortable conditions for trading, while he can be sure that the yield on his transactions will be fully paid to him.

To connect an account to the fix api splitter system, you need to create it first. The creation process consists of a simple registration, specifying a login, a password, and two identifiers using a unique ID. After that you can connect a trading account. It is very important that the account is connected to the b-book system and traded initially on the MT4 server. This will allow you to further establish an additional commission.

To sum it up, we focus on the fact that the fix api splitter is created for both existing brokerage companies and for those who are just starting their way in this area. Our experience of 10 years in creating software for brokerage business allowed us to implement a fix api tool with the best price on the market. The use of this software will allow you to reduce existing brokerage risks by several times, increase the client base and competently manage it. You can also use the splitter in combination with the fxmars bridge, which will allow you to more flexibly manage the entire database of clients who trade on both the Fix protocol and the internal overlap. Moreover, by pointwise offering this product to those customers, which we wrote about above, you will be able to increase your confidence, which will have a positive effect for your positioning and future scaling of the brokerage business.

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